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Amazon FBA Experiment – How to get started

Fulfillment by Amazon Experiment

What is the challenge?

Earn $1000 (in profit) on Amazon after fees per month. 

I’ll document my process and progress including my expenses, time spent on task, income and lessons learned until I am making 1k per month (after fees).

Okay, so what is it and how do I get started?

(This is what the internet told me)

It’s where you have a product, let’s say a toothbrush, and you sell it on Amazon. Amazon is where a person finds that product (toothbrush) and purchases it. Amazon then handles the logistics of collecting the money, warehousing, and shipping the product (toothbrush) to the person who purchased it. After purchasing fees, stocking, and shipping fees (among others) are collected by Amazon, you receive what is left over in profit directly to your bank account.

This is the simple version. You can also ship from home, sell used items, do seller arbitrage, etc…

Let’s keep it as simple as possible for now. You end up paying a little bit more in Amazon fees for the convenience of not having to warehouse product, but you get to leverage the marketing savvy of the 1000 lbs gorilla on the interwebs.

What are the steps?

I have zero experience with this so i’m totally grasping in the dark here. Wait, I take that back. I sold 3 textbooks through amazon about 7 years ago. I have never done Amazon FBA. Here’s my best guess…

  1. Find a product to sell
  2. Get it listed on Amazon
  3. Get it shipped to Amazon
  4. Get pictures on the site
  5. Write out the description of what the key features are
  6. Click “Sell”
  7. Watch money automagically roll into your bank account

Step 1: Find a Product

What on earth am I going to sell?