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Passive Income Investing Ideas

Here’s a list of Passive Income Investing Streams.

These all require capital. Do you already have capital? Great! If not, you might want to create a product and get some cash rolling in so you can invest it. Then check out Passive Income Product Streams

Wait… if you’re in debt, before you go investing, pay off your damn credit cards and high interest P2P loans. Student loans and mortgages are different (unless they are high interest) and should be okay as long as your investment return is higher than your compound interest rates on your debt.

  1. Multi-Family Rental Houses. You see an asset increase and you get rental income. Start with 2 family homes 1st (there is more red-tape on 3 families or more).
  2. Single-Family Rental home. Less lucrative than multi-families, but you still get a double dip investment here. The home is an asset and you get rental income.
  3. Dividend Producing Stocks – Another double dip investment. Low cost index funds to start, dividend portfolios next. Re-invest in more dividend producing stocks until you need to take an income. Earn dividends and have your assets increase in value. What are the taxes here?
  4. Index Funds
  5. Person to Person Lending – These can pay great percentages (10%+) but they are not secured and you could lose your money. You could also lose it in stocks…
  6. Private equity investing
  7. REITs. Real estate investment trusts. These are like owning a rental home but without the upkeep. Look for REITs in elder housing.
  8. Bonds – Government Bonds, TIPS,
  9. Annuities


Other important stuff.

  1. You are paying too much in fees and interest to your advisor. Even if they are through your own company. Use Wealthfront and get $0 fees for up to $10k. Then 0.25% after that.

Stuff I didn’t include because, why waste your time?

  1. Savings accounts. Less than 1%
  2. Going on a budget. Yeah, I’m already on a budget, that’s why i’m looking to make more money.
  3. Spend less than you earn. Duh!
  4. CD’s 2%… nah…

Also, Here’s a list of other peoples ideas for investing: