Passive Income Product Ideas

What are some passive income product ideas?

These are different than passive income investment streams. Products require more work, investments require more money. These product ideas require sweat equity.

  1. Course Creation: You can sell this for a premium, they are trending right now and they are hard to copy. Udemy, Teachable, Lynda
  2. Audio: Audio books, music, stories, hypno, same as ebooks, but with CDBaby. Bonus, create this in a series. A 45 minute audio piece can be sold for $20 or more. 45 minutes is 45 double spaced pages read aloud.
  3. Ebooks: Write an ebook or ten and push these through a site like bookbaby for multichannel selling. This allows you to write the book and then sell it on amazon, lulu, barnes and noble, without going to each webstore.
  4. Photography Sites – take great photos, edit them, put them on photog sites for licensing
  5. Blogging and Affiliate Links – the best are with hosting companies – Pat Flynn is making a killing here after about 6 years of affiliate link inventory, but you need to start a blog. and then write in your blog.
  6. Niche Sites – Selling how to info for a very small niche. Aka walled blog.
  7. Membership Sites, this has to be updated regularly to work
  8. e-commerce and drop shipping? – meh, this is less about creating, and more about creating a site and choosing products. Margins are low. This is a commodity business at this point, unless you are creating a new product.
  9. Video is prime time – Go full on with youtube and adsense
  10. Content library of… Images, Music, Sounds, Videos, – then royalties
  11. Apps, then with upsells,
  12. Create a product from public domain content, videos maybe? You just need to find it and organize.
  13. CafePress, Zazzle, create logos or sayings for t-shirts, mugs and other stuff
  14. Create a weekly comic, sell stuff, and books
  15. Podcast and sell advertising
  16. White label products
  17. Others?

So then, What’s the plan?

This site gave me a bunch of good ideas:

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