Driving Uber for Money – Night 2

It’s 8pm. Just about time to go.

I’m reticent this time, but not scared. Why am I doing this again?

To put a fire under my ass and get some traction in something I’m good at (not Uber).

Today, I didn’t do a job application, I didn’t make anything, I didn’t go and connect with anyone that could help me. So…, I make myself drive Uber, until the pain of driving Uber for cash begins to outweigh the pain of applying to a better job, making something or connecting with people.

I’m going to say, 7pm is my cut off point. If I haven’t created something of value, contacted somebody to grow my network or moved my financial needle forward in another way then I need to go drive Uber by 8pm.

This sounds pretty damn harsh. Maybe like i’m being mean to myself. But how many times can you hear “It’s going to be okay,” or “You’ll be just fine,” from your family and friends before you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork?

Has the socialization of Academia and primary education taught us to be slaves to a boss. Where we require a deadline, and a negative consequence for insufficient action? Likely.

This is the way the world goes round. And the socialization of humanity.

What then, separates those who do, vs, those who want and dream?

1 thing. Action

Take 1 tiny microstep in the direction of your dreams. Of course you need to know what those are, and once you do, create a SMART MAP (massive action plan) as a vehicle for your actions.

The better the MAP that you create for yourself, the easier it is to get where you’re going.

– Changeover –

It’s 1:51 AM

Tonight was good. I had 10 trips and made $110.

I went from 9pm and stopped at 1 am when the Uber surge pricing was on because I wanted to skip the drunks. Maybe next weekend I’ll brave the drunkies. If I had to make more cash, I would certainly still be out there.

People were no problem. All went well in that department.

However, i’m noticing that this is not creating the “Fire under ass” effect like I had hoped.

Instead I’m zoning out for the rides, talking to people, finding myself trying to enjoy the conversations, or lack thereof, depending. I’m focusing on the driving and learning how to drive around so I’m not getting into an accident.

When I realized that I was beginning to numb out emotionally, I attempted to recall why I was doing this in the first place, and what I’d rather be doing.

But the immediate gratification of seeing money accumulate is pretty nice.

One guy tonight recommended a good place for a rub and tug. Apparently I should ask for “Doe”

Seeing the people at the clubs all slutted up made me long for that life, for about 30 seconds. But then I don’t really want the Uber life either.

I want the life of the successful entrepreneur. So basically being Rich, Happy, and Hot. That’s what i’m striving for.

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