Driving Uber to earn Money – Night 1

It’s 1 am.

The tip I got tonight was to stop driving before you hit the drunk crowd. So I stopped at 1 am.

I went from 9pm to 1am and made about $100. That was 8 trips. 9pm – 1am, is the recommended time for Friday and Saturday nights from Uber Drivers for taking the most rides.

Everybody was nice.

Except for this one woman who was not so much…, but 7 out of 8 is pretty good.


It was terrifying to begin, the first ride was scary, for as long as it took to get the folks in the car. After that, it was strange, I didn’t know how to use the navigate part of the Uber app, So I sort of faked my way to their location (they told me at the beginning of the ride). But it all came off without a hitch.

Once I figured out the navigate part, everything went much smoother. And rides basically kept coming in as long as I was near a town center or a square. Pretty self explanatory really, but it doesn’t help to drive fast on the outside of town. Get in the heart of the city for rides.

Most of the times the conversation led to me driving for the first time. And often the passengers opened up and started talking about themselves or how long they had lived here. Or they just talked amongst themselves, which was also fine by me.

Did I get what I wanted out of this experiment?

I didn’t have an expectation going into this. I was just worried that I wasn’t doing it right or something.

What I wanted was to feel a sense of pain and get a major fire under my ass to build a passive income online business right now.

I did get a renewed sense of urgency to get a better paying job and earn more passive income. $100 for 4 hours is decent if you’re unskilled. However, that’s also 2 pre-made $50 dollar products on an automated e-commerce store. Or a 100k a year job working a 9-10 hour day would be making a better wage.

The goal here is for passive income, but it’s interesting to look at how a job might compare.

What action did I take because of this? I applied to a better job.

Is that what I want? Not as much as I want a passive income business.

Now how to get this to trigger a response for building a passive income business? (another fear that I have).

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