Why Uber?

I’m a college grad, Graduated with Honors, with a masters degree from Harvard University, and I a gainfully employed with a steady IT job and all my bills are paid for. So Why Uber?

I want to make more money – plain and simple. -Right?


My motivation is to make enough to have:

The freedom from worrying about how much something costs. Freedom to travel wherever I want to travel wherever I want to travel. Freedom to help people like my family. Like if anyone every needed anything or medical or anything like that, just being able to go, you know what, I got this. For me that was real important. – Marie Forleo

So, why Uber? That will never pay that kind of money.

Exactly… This is for grit.

I simply can’t get the traction I am looking for with what I’m doing with passive income revenue streams. I basically fail before I even begin. I just suck at starting. Even though I’m the arrogant A student in all my years of college. The monetary pain isn’t real enough.

Uber is my extra pain and hence, Uber is my grit to get something done. If I have to resort to Uber (not that Uber itself is bad), to feel the pain of what it’s like to work all the time to get ahead. My hope is that all this service work will make me realize my value in other areas. Areas that pay.

So here it goes, my first trip is tonight.

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